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 is in the early stages of

MOTION PICTURE development!

The title infers death but the story is saturated with life.

“Murder in the Church is full of life.”  - Pastor Jack Hayford


Happy Endings Usually Mean Prior Unhappiness. The title of this book suggests tragedy, and I must confess, there is tragedy in this true story . . . tragedy like I had never seen before this, and have never seen since. However, it also contains beauty like I could never have imagined that emerged miraculously. And when it did, it placed God’s seal of hope on this amazing story.

But it isn’t just a gripping true account, it is burgeoning with life altering lessons that explode into the reader’s hearts and that are painted in Technicolor in the lessons section of the book.

"It is impossible to read this book and not be gripped by the story and impacted by its message."


  • One striking lesson is about coldness in marriage.

  • Another is about the consequences of poor parenting.

  • Another is about the need of many for emotional healing

  • Another is about forgiveness in family and other relationships.

  • Another is about the danger of a critical spirit.


There are 12 lessons in all; as well as whatever other lessons a reader might glean from the story.

Chris Schimel


Murder in the Church has the attention of more than just publishers. I am proud and happy to announce that I am partnering with Voyage Media, a production company in Los Angeles, and working with a producer and screenwriter to develop a motion picture adaptation of MURDER IN THE CHURCH.  The movie script is in process now. So Friends. . .we are in the early stages of motion picture development.

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"Riveting, nail bitter, captivating, best book ever, emotionally stirring, powerful, must read, amazing story, page turner, hard to put down"

5 Star Reviews

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This book will cause you to ask and find answers to such questions as:

  1. Could revenge be so horrific?  Could a soiled upbringing be so cruel?

  2. Could failure’s consequences be so severe?

  3. Could a frigid marriage suffer such repercussion?

  4. Could people, or even God, forgive such transgression?

  5. Could, or would, God actually do what it seems He did in this story?

  6. After such tragedy, how could God’s beauty emerge so glorious?

Okay, Let's cut to the chase -

How will you benefit from reading this book?

Click here to read a free chapter of Murder in the Church.





It will entertain you. The most common description people have given about their Murder in the Church reading experience is “I couldn’t put the book down.”

It will teach you. It presents godly truth relevant to today’s world in story form, (a 100% true story), which will teach you things about life and God you need to know or be reminded of.

It will change you. There have been those who have said after reading it, “I will never be the same.”

It will build your life twelve ways. The twelve lessons in the back of the book have been called, “the most powerful part of the book” by many because they take the story content that is gripping and engaging and adapt it to people’s daily lives.

It will encourage you. As much as this book will keep you on the edge of your seat, and bring you through shocking events, it will place you into a surprising state of beauty that will lift your spirit, and cause you to wonder how such tragedy could end up so glorious.

"I was told...

by one publisher that every Christian author believes God told him or her to write their book. So we shouldn’t claim God told us to write it. However, I’ve written several books and felt God wanted me to do so. But Murder in the Church was the only one I heard Him tell me to write. I describe the exact experience in the book.

As a pastor I desire to help people. Consequently, every book I write possesses intent to help people in some way. Sometimes my efforts are very effective in helping people, and sometimes they are less affective. However, I believe Murder in the Church reflects God’s desire and efforts to help people; to help people understand Him better and to help people live their lives better."

But wait - there's more! We've written

a companion book...

“I Do, Do You?”

. . .is a companion to Chris Schimel’s book Murder in the Church, where marital coldness was the primary culprit for the tragedy in the true story.

  • Need proven answers for a healthy relationship?

  • Help is on the way! 

This is a MARRIAGE-SAVER book!

This book presents sound scriptural concepts that contain golden nuggets of truth that if followed will save, strengthen and lay a foundation for healthy marriages.  

It contains fourteen spousal-behaviors, four for women, five for men and five for both, that will fan the early flames of love, rekindle otherwise cooling marriages, as well as rescue frigid unions from being frozen forever.

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