"It is impossible to read this book and not be gripped

by the story and impacted by its message."

“This story needs to be told. As much as I have ever recommended

any book, I strongly recommend that you read Murder in the Church.”  

- Bob Price -

Host, Family Life Network


  • 12 Lessons learned from this tragedy

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Chris Schimel

At a certain point in this story you may have entertained the thought…I’m not sure I have the courage to continue....

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"Riveting, nail bitter, captivating, best book ever, emotionally stirring, powerful, must read, amazing story, page turner, hard to put down"


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We've written

a companion book...

“I Do, Do You?”

. . .is a companion to Chris Schimel’s book Murder in the Church, where marital coldness was the primary culprit for the tragedy in the true story.

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This is a MARRIAGE-SAVER book!

This book presents sound scriptural concepts that contain golden nuggets of truth that if followed will save, strengthen and lay a foundation for healthy marriages.  

It contains fourteen spousal-behaviors, four for women, five for men and five for both, that will fan the early flames of love, rekindle otherwise cooling marriages, as well as rescue frigid unions from being frozen forever.