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Chris Schimel

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 is in the early stages of MOTION PICTURE development!

About Chris

"The soul-stirring story teller speaking truth into individuals, marriages, parents and those in need of emotional healing."

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More about the author...

Chris has a Master of Divinity degree and four previously published books (two co- one self- and one traditionally published). He has experience in a variety of ministry settings and positions such as oversight of pastors and churches for denominations and cities.


He has pastored serveral different churches for more than forty-five years in Pennsylvania, New York, Colorado, Illinois, Ohio and California, including a church in the inner city near Los Angeles where God allowed him to affect the lives of gang members, prostitutes, murderers, addicts and so many others..

He is the founder of Touch One Ministries, a religious nonprofit organization specializing in counseling and providing resources to churches. He has also spoken in churches and ministries, and been interviewed on radio programs and television programs around the country.

CONTACT:  (716) 581-1315


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