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"Walking with God allows us to receive his intimate counsel, and counseling leads to deep restoration."  - Shirley Schimel


We provide individual Counseling to assist those who need emotional, mental and spiritual support; and we do so through encouragement, comfort, support, wisdom and guidance; using God’s Word as our definitive truth source.




10 am - 7 pm

 Additional times may be available.

Please inquire by filling out the form below or call, text or email:

716 581-1316

  • Your time is important; therefore, all appointments are kept in a timely manner. Sessions will last 1 hour.

  • LOCATION: Sessions will take place at Freedom Church, 9900 Youngstown Pittsburgh Rd, New Middletown unless otherwise arranged. Other places include meeting online (scroll down to see more information).

  • Your privacy is important to us; therefore, all appointments are confidential and anything discussed within the counseling session is kept strictly confidential (except when required by law).




Shirley L. Schimel

Board Certified Christian Counselor

Having spent 50 years of their lives in various cultures, ministries and churches, the Schimel's have found one thing is true of all people. They say: “We all need someone to talk to… someone to point us to wisdom; someone to help us look deep into our soul.” God has gifted both Chris & Shirley with the desire to help and encourage others.


Shirley is a native Western New Yorker, but the Schimel's have served in several states including California, Colorado, Illinois and Pennsylvania.  Along with her husband, Chris, she has served in full-time ministry for over 50 years. She is an ordained, licensed minister and a Board Certified Christian Counselor. She has completed her training through and is a member of the AACC (American Association of Christian Counselors.

To make an appoint call,      text or email. 

716 581-1316


Scroll down to see online session options.


What does a Counselor do?

  • Listens, encourages, supports, keeps a confidence, prays, gives guidance, walks beside a hurting person.


Who may need counseling? 

People dealing with:

  • Grief/Loss/Loneliness

  • Illness

  • Self-Esteem Issues

  • Major Life Change

  • Faith Issues

  • Life Goals and Guidance

  • Relationship Problems

  • Depression/Anger/Anxiety

  • Unforgiveness/Bitterness

  • Substance Abuse

  • Family Frustrations or Challenges

  • Marriage/Divorce

  • Pregnancy/Adoption/Abortion

"God works on us in all sorts of ways.
But above all, He works on us through each other."   - C.S. Lewis

Counseling Sessions are $45 and are payable at the time of service or pre-pay now by clicking below.


Thank you - we will be contacting soon.


You have options!






















We would be happy to arrange to meet with you virtually for your session on:

  • FaceTime (iPhone)

  • Zoom

  • Google Hangouts

  • GoToMeeting

  • Skype

  • Video Call (Android)

Just let us know and we will

prearrange with you.

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