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I hate the sign “Black Lives Matter”, not because I disagree with it. I hate it because someone felt they needed to make a sign to communicate something so obvious.

I hate that people have to respond to such a statement by saying something equally as obvious, “White Lives Matter”; and do so in retaliation.

I hate that we live in a society that is so racist that when someone tries to fix a “sign controversy” such as this by saying the most obvious of all “All Lives Matter”, it creates another whole firestorm of anger and division.

I hate that increased racial hatred is the result of all of it.

I hate that people feel giving blacks, jobs, positions and promotions means they don’t have racial prejudice.

I hate that an organization like the Ku Klux Klan exists.

I hate that someone felt that the thought to start such an institution was even appropriate.

I hate that people belonging to an organization like the Ku Klux Klan also claim to be Christians.

I hate that American patriotism is questioned because a black man kneels during our Anthem to try to get people to notice the problem.

I hate that patriotism being inserted into the mix has exasperated the problem of racism even more.

I hate that this controversy has caused even more hatred for blacks; and that it is only a symptom that the systematic racism in our country is even deeper than once thought.

I hate that blacks have to sound their own horn of racism to get people to treat them properly; and I hate that they are criticized for doing so.

I hate that there are people who actually feel that blacks are inferior to whites.

It breaks my heart that racial hatred exists.

And I hate sin; because sin is the real problem with racism; and is the underlying reason I hate racism. I blame no one. I blame sin.

God has blessed me with close friends from the three most prominent ethnic groups in our country besides; African American, Asian and Latino. I didn’t seek these people out to form friendships with them; nor did they seek me out. It just happened. They were part of churches I pastored and God knitted us together for a lifetime. I trust these people with my life. They know my faults and I know theirs. I am honored to call them dear friends.

The following scripture addresses all social divides; racial, ethnic, class and gender.

“There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free;

there is neither male nor female; for all are one in Christ.”

Galatians 3:28 NKJV

Join me in praying for love and unity.

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