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Once Broken Journal

The Once Broken Journal is designed to contain all the notes, thoughts, memories, and answers that the reader has on his or her journey to healing. It contains all the scriptures sited in the book (Once Broken), and all the questions you will need to answer on your way to healing; as well as ample space to record your discoveries. It also contains directions that will describe the best ways to use (OB) and answer the questions toward healing. In short, when you are done with the book OB, if you use this journal to record your findings; your journal will contain the details of your healing for future reference and all the treasured interactions you had with the Savior along the way.

Simply run off the thirty eight page journal on your computer, punch holes in the pages with a three-hole punch, and insert them into a three ring binder. You will have three favorite books in your life, The Bible, Once Broken and The Once Broken Journal.


  • This study journal was $3.99 and is now availabke to you for FREE!

    Once you order this book we will email you a link to download this online book.

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