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It didn’t move for several seconds, perhaps an entire minute. But when it did we were all terrified.

When I was a teenager I would sleep out with friends many nights during the summer. One of my friends had a balcony off his garage on which we would lay lined up on our backs with our faces pointed heavenward. On the radio we would listen to the Beatles, the Beach Boys, the Rolling Stones and the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team until the wee hours of the morning. Much time was also spent looking at the stars.

We lived in a small town so the glare of city lights wasn’t a factor when it came to washing out the many distant stars that are more difficult to spot. One night one of my friends holding binoculars pointed into the night sky and pronounced, “Hey there’s a satellite.”

When I was growing up satellites weren’t nearly as common as they are today. And we were eager to see it. “Where,” we all shouted?

He pointed and described its location in relation to the Small Dipper until we all caught sight of it. We didn’t need to have the binoculars to see it. It was plenty bright enough to spot and was moving steadily in a straight line across the sky.

I had never seen a satellite before and asked, “How do you know it’s a satellite and not an airplane?”

To which the most informed of my friends responded, “You know it’s a satellite and not an airplane because it is traveling in a straight line and doesn’t have a jet stream behind it. And it doesn’t have any blinking lights.” I’m not sure how authoritative his answer was; but it sounded reasonable to the rest of us.

We watched the celestial sight traveling across the sky in awe for several minutes until all at once it came to a halt. We all said with one voice, “Hey, it stopped?” There followed a chorus of upraised, surprised and concerned voices. There were four of us there that night, and each was noticeably worried. We were all standing by this time.

“Keep your eye on it,” one said. “Don’t lose sight of it. See if it starts moving again.”

Another asked nervously, “Should we get out here?”

Someone else shrieked, “It’s gotta be a UFO.”

It didn’t move for several seconds, perhaps an entire minute. But when it did we were all terrified. You see, it didn’t just move. It split into three separate white star-like lights. And each light took off in a different direction and weaved in curved paths through the stars on its own individual journey until each disappeared out of sight.

Throughout the entire experience, I and all of my friends were amazed. That happened in 1965 and is still imprinted on our memories. It is an experience those of us who are still around remember and consider proof that UFO’s do indeed exist.

UFO’s are not proofs of aliens. They are simply unidentified flying objects. What do I believe they are?

I take most of my cues from the Bible. Ezekiel 1 and 10 describe a rank of angel called cherubim that look a lot like descriptions we’ve heard people give of flying saucers. The Bible tells us in Revelation 12 that when Lucifer was cast out of heaven, one third of the angels were cast out with him. I believe, and most literalist theologians believe, these many cast aside angels became wicked and make up the host of imps and demons that are at Satan’s beaconed call and patrol the whole earth to see who they can harass.

Since some of God’s angels are cherubim, it stands to reason that some were connected to Satan’s rebellion and were cast out with him. I believe the UFO’s people see could be these fallen cherubim.

Why would Satan enlist his imps to impersonate an alien? He would do so to keep humans confused. You see, questions about aliens weaken the story of Christ being God and coming in human form to pay for the sins of mankind. In fact, many theorize that Jesus wasn’t God at all, but an alien who came to earth something like Superman with supernatural powers. You see, if there are questions about life on other planets, it weakens the Bible’s claim about God’s plan of the ages and about his primary focus of the entire universe being about the redemption of mankind on a single planet called Earth. If people’s trust in this plan is weakened, they are less likely to believe it. And yet, the Bible states, it is the only plan that will restore our relationship to God (John 14:6, Acts 4:12).

The Bible makes no indication that there are other races on other planets throughout the universe. The suggestion comes from some that it is arrogant of anyone to feel we are the only life in the universe. But it’s not arrogant. It is actually conclusive, at least to this point, since no other life has yet been discovered. And the Bible makes no hints to this claim. Anyone stretching scripture to support the existence of aliens; does so with an erroneous foundation.

The Bible’s take is that if there are aliens, it is those of us who have become citizens of heaven (Philippians 3:20) by aligning ourselves with Christ. And we will someday take flight and soar to our eternal home with the Lord (I Thessalonians 4:17). For us, this world is not our home; we’re just passing through (I Peter 2:11). We are citizens of another world. And for those who haven’t yet aligned themselves with Christ; there is still room on the flight.

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