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One night I woke up with an image in my mind of the face of a girl I knew in high school. I had not seen, talked to or heard from this girl in more than forty years. But there she was, in my mind’s eye, an apparent spillover from my dreams. I wasn’t sure what her name was, nor was I sure where she was living; but her face was burned upon my memory.

I went to my high school pictorial directory to see if I could find her. First, I looked in my graduation class and thought a certain girl named Sally could have been the one. But her twelfth grade photo wasn’t the face I remembered so I looked in earlier directories. And there she was. It was indeed Sally, and the picture burned on my mind was her face as I remembered it from our freshman photos.

So I found her, but now what?

I wondered if she was in trouble. Perhaps Sally was going to die soon or encounter some other fate and God wanted me to warn her. Maybe she didn’t know the Lord.

Well, I couldn’t let it go. I made some phone calls to try and find her and discovered that she was still in the area of my home town. So I called Sally.

The phone call was a little awkward simply because she was a bit suspicious about why I would call her out of the blue more than forty years after high school. And even at that time, we hadn’t been close. I explained to her about how I had seen her face in my dreams and was calling just to make sure she was OK. I could feel her wonderment over the phone, though she didn’t express it verbally; and I wasn’t sure if she had received my call with eagerness or reluctance. She may have thought I had turned out to be some kind of a nut. But I went away at least feeling that I had been obedient to the Lord, and after a few minutes we hung up.

A few years later I found myself pastoring a church in the area of my home town. We had been all over the country, but here I was, back home again. One Sunday morning a visiting lady came up to me and introduced herself to me as Sally. She has been there ever since. And she is one of the sweetest and genuine most Christians I know. In time several of her relatives have begun attending our church as well. But more importantly, all of them have been drawing closer to the Lord.

Sally had not been attending church for several years, partially because she had gotten out of the habit, and partially because she didn’t know where to go. As I thought of this simple situation of God opening my dreams to a wandering sheep, I was hit with the overwhelming impression that God is fully aware of our yesterdays, our todays and our tomorrows. He knows where we have been, where we are and where we are going.

It reminded me that we are never out of God’s sight. He knows exactly where we are and even more importantly, what we need. Paul said, “He is not far from any person.” (Acts 17:27) David said, “He knows our comings and our goings.” (Psalms 139:3).

He knows where you are too. He knows your pain. He knows your struggles. He knows your needs. And He is poised to send you exactly what you need at just the time you need it.

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