When Chris Schimel said yes to God’s call to the ministry of saving souls, he never thought it would also mean saying yes to saving people’s lives from murder. When a late Saturday night phone call from one of his parishioners reveals a shocking announcement about the person’s family, Pastor Chris is thrust into a nine-day-long heart-stopping race to save their lives.


Each day of the ordeal unfolds new and frightening information about an ex-con who is harassing this family; and in spite of law enforcement’s involvement, the ordeal continues to escalate. Each day the anxiety level rises until a last-minute life and death decision is made that seems to end the threat…and the family is saved. But then…


  • Chris Schimel, the soul-stirring storyteller speaking truth into marriages, parents, and those in need of emotional healing through this incredible story.

    This is a hard bound copy with high gloss dust jacket.